Top Safety Tips for Solo Travellers

For many first-time solo travellers the thought of going it alone can create mixed feelings when faced with both the fear and thrill of discovering the unknown. Rest easy with these simple safety tips and you’ll be fully prepared to embark on a singles holiday that will test your intuition, build your confidence and enhance your sense of self.

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Choose a destination you feel comfortable with

if it’s your first time travelling on your own you want to be prepared and whilst all of our solo wellness retreats offer a private sanctuary of safety, make sure to choose a destination you feel comfortable with. Should you wish to explore more of your local surroundings, many of our healthy retreats offer guided tours and excursions. However, if also interested in venturing out on your own, in a country where you don’t speak the language, it’s probably better to choose a destination where English is widely spoken. With a wealth of knowledge, our wellness travel specialists are on hand to offer you any information you require about your chosen country or local area.

Pre-book your transfer from the airport


We all know that post-flight, jet-lagged struggle of feeling groggy, dazed, confused and exhausted.  Avoid unnecessary stress and plan ahead by opting for our pre-arranged private transfers, which will whisk you away from the overcrowded airport to the tranquillity of your chosen wellness retreat. Don’t fall into the trap of airport hustlers and be hurried into the back of a cab only to be charged an extortionate amount for a short transfer. Offering safety and peace-of-mind, avoid the time-wasting hassle and begin your healthy holiday in luxury.

Learn a little of the language


Learn a few words and phrases before you go. Know how to introduce yourself; start a basic conversation, order a drink, count from 1-10, say ‘Hello’, and most importantly ‘Thank you’. Do all this with a smile and you’ll be sure to receive one back. It really does make all the difference, as people understand you are making an effort. Local people will most certainly appreciate your efforts, and you never know; you might even make some great friends along the way.

Always let people know your movements

Don’t give family and friends back home unnecessary stress, keep in touch and let them know you’ve arrived safely. With most of our singles friendly holiday retreats offering free Wi-Fi, it’s easy to contact your loved ones back home. However, if it sets your mind at ease whilst outside of the resort, consider buying a disposable phone and local SIM card before you go. This can be done either at the airport or at a phone shop, so you can store your important contacts, including the local tourist police. You’ll probably never need them, but just knowing you have them can give you the confidence to deal with difficult situations.

Protect your possessions


It may seem obvious but many incidents happen because travellers don’t take proper precautions. Don’t have an expensive camera dangling around your neck whilst outside of your resort; in many parts of the world, this is seen as a free ticket if it’s on display. An over-the-shoulder bag with a zip fastening is always a good option for keeping belongings close to you as it makes it harder for potential thieves to get hold of. Alternatively, a money belt is discreet and perfect for hiding under clothes. Make a copy of your passport and travel insurance documents either on paper or online with ‘Dropbox’; so if worse comes to worse you’ve always got important information backed up.

With our top safety tips, there’s no reason to hold back from travelling solo on one of our life-enhancing healthy singles holidays.