Hollie & HFT Nutrition Coaching

Our Naturopathic Nutrition Wellness Expert Hollie Bailey sees clients with chronic health conditions, as well as those looking to optimise their health.

How can I help you

Pre and post wellness holiday support
Long-term guidance & advice
Tailored nutrition plans
Guide to juice fasting at home
Recipes tailored to your needs
Supplement plans
Guide to juice fasting at home
Recipes tailored to your needs
Supplement plans

Areas of Expertise

Digestive Health

Soothe symptoms of digestive imbalances


Optimise chances of conception

Skin Health

Address underlying issues. Herbal and supplemental support

Healthy Ageing

A personalised approach to combat signs of ageing

Optimal Pregnancy Health

Ensure the healthiest possible environment for pregnancy

Weight Management

Implement sustainable and effective changes

Stress & Anxiety

Mindfulness and nutrition guidance

Migraines & Cluster Headache

Manage symptoms and improve quality of life


An online video consultation via Skype/ Zoom is available for customers who prefer the convenience and comfort of their home or office whilst keeping the same level of personal attention and care given to those who prefer visiting us at our  Beaconsfield HQ.

Disclaimer: Please note that all health concerns should be discussed with your individual instructor or therapist before commencing classes or treatments. Hollie Bailey or Health and Fitness Travel are not liable for any injury or issue that might arise from your association with a therapist listed on this website.

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